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Our Audit service include:

We can manage and execute your audit programme using professional auditors who will focus on helping you improve your processes and performance

pre-certification audit to give you confidence that you are ready.

Supply chain audits - we can evaluate new critical providers or re-audit existing suppliers.

Project audits - we can give you confidence that your projects are staying on the straight and narrow.  Our auditors have long experience of auditing major construction and software projects.

Current and recent audit clients include:

Magnox Harwell and Winfrith - internal audits, project auditsUKAEA Culham - project UKAEA Culham internal audits and reviews

PQ Corporation - EMS internal audits

SRK Scaffolding - internal audits

European Medicines Agency (EMEA) - major IT project audits

Westinghouse - internal quality audits for the AUAM subsidiary

HSL Group - internal audits

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